What are your delivery charges?
Free delivery in Australia.  Charges apply for overseas delivery.

What currency are prices quoted in?
Prices quote are in Australian dollars.

Which credit cards are accepted for payment?
Payment is through paypal however you do not need to have a paypal account to make a purchase.  Visa and Mastercard are accepted.

What is the returns policy?
Goods may be returned within 3 days of receipt for a full refund.  Postage costs not included.

How do I find out my size?
Using a tape measure, measure around your head, letting the tape measure sit where your hat would normally sit.  Allow for if you wear sunglasses or glasses when choosing a design.

A guide to sizing is as follows:


(21 ½ inch or 54cm)

(22 ½ inch or 57 cm)

(23 ½ inch or 59 cm)


(22 ½ inch or 57cm)

(23 ½ inch or 59 cm)

(24 ½ inch or 62 cm)

How do I adjust the hat elastic?

Elastic can be adjusted in the inside of the hat.  If too long, work out desired length.  Pull elastic through on one of the ends and tie a knot at the desired length.  The hat elastic should be placed behind the ears and not under your chin.  Try to pull your hair out over the elastic to hide in it in your hair.

How do I wear the hat?
This is really important and the main hat rule to stick with.  Most hats are designed to be worn slightly off centre, and tilted down to the right toward the eyebrow.  This can sometimes work on the left too.  When you try the hat on keep this in mind as you will notice how much nicer they look when sticking to this rule.

What if the design is not in my size?
Contact Leighanne Michelle on 0414 519 730 Some hats are one size fits most.

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