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Are you an aspiring milliner just getting started? Do you know the things needed to setup your business? Are you an established milliner needing to update your business skills to run a contemporary business?

Did you know milliners have one of the most uniquely creative businesses on the planet but so many milliners don't spend enough time on setting up the BUSINESS side of their Millinery businesses. Turn your millinery passion from a hobby into a business and be paid for what you love to do!

This Start up guide written by Leighanne Crocker, Milliner and Entrpreneur is designed to provide useful information for milliners. Leighanne has 10 years in this industry and has learnt the common mistakes we all make and how to avoid them.

It's not a how to make millinery guide but a things you need to know about running a millinery business guide, the stuff they don't tell you!

It's 63 pages long, easy to print and jammed packed with over 49 topics, just to name a few:

*Bloggers and blogging
*Databases and mailouts
*Ideas to save money
*Lending hats
*Intellectual Property
*Online versus Premises
*Social Media

Don't wonder anymore...find the answers here and grow your own AMAZING Millinery Business! All of this for only $7.95!

Check out this amazing testimonial from Kylie Toynton @ Roslyn & Co....thank you Kylie!

"I'm so glad I purchased this excellent guide created by Day Flower Millinery. As someone new to the industry this is the perfect go to guide for a Start Up Millinery Business.

The guide contains information on owning and running a millinery business including financial and legal requirements, industry references and resources, tips for looking after yourself and setting the foundation for a successful and sustainable business.

You truly get value for money with this printable as it is very decent length, well written, clear informative, well thought out and organised. The information is presented in alphabetical order with an index, appendix, and references (Rare in business guides) and clearly based on Leighanne's extensive experience and expertise.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Leighanne produces next, as I'll definitely be purchasing from her again."

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